Carla Ezell DVM : The lease was terminated for non-payment of rent .                                           


Last known address: 
Carla Ezell                                                                                                             14836 Enclave Preserve Cr. Apt#4 Delray Beach Fl,33484

Amount still owed $1566.84       Status: In collection!                                           Carla Ezell does not respond to collection efforts!                                                  

This is NOT a collection effort!

The Tenant Carla Ezell allowed an unauthorized fulltime occupant to operate some kind of dog sitting business from the house with several dogs roaming the property disturbing neighbors, digging up the landscaping and pooping all over the place. Carla Ezell was several times reminded of the conditions of her lease not to have unauthorized occupants and dogs creating additional expenses for the landlord as "water" for example is paid by the landlord. Also additional occupants and dogs create more "Wear and Tear" then a single tenant with fulltime employment would. Carla Ezell stopped paying rent, the lease was then terminated for nonpayment of rent. Carla Ezell surrendered the premises and did not pay her debt ( rent, cleaning and repair costs.) and does not respond to any collection efforts.

November 2nd. tenant Carla Ezell surrendered possession of the dwelling unit to the landlord. In accordance with FL.Statue 83.595 Landlord takes posession for the account of the tenant to mitigate damages, holding the tenant liable for the difference between the rent stipulated to be paid under the rental agreement and what the landlord is able to recover from a reletting.                                                                                                                         

The detailed MOVE-IN CONDITION CHECK LIST states that the premises were being delivered to Carla Ezell in clean, sanitary, and good operating condition, with no spots, stains, marks or damages. Signed, acknowledged and agreed by Carla Ezell at move in. Photos of the House and Premises taken before Carla moved in are also available on this website.

The House was leased to one occupant with full time employment and occupied a total of 16 month. Therefore only minimal "wear and tear" was to be expected.  A pet agreement for 2 small dogs was signed in which tenant agrees to pay immediately for any damage or expense caused by tenants pets. 

The House and garden have been surrendered by Carla Ezell in unacceptable condition, dirty, unsanitary and in need of repair!

MOVE-OUT CONDITION: Below are some photos with proof of date:                                                                                                   Best viewed in full screen mode, click icon on lower left corner. Click on photos to enlarge and/or start slideshow.      

This is NOT a collection effort !

What is considered normal wear when moving out?
Generally, dirt of any kind is NOT normal wear and tear, whether easily removed or not. Normal wear and tear refers to the gradual aging or using up of the useful life of a building and its components when properly used and cared for, and not accident damage or accumulation of dirt, which could be removed or avoided through regular cleaning and appropriate care by the tenant.