Clarissa De Paula  Tenant surrendered the 1/1 apartment damaged, dirty and owing money.

The lease was terminated for non-payment of rent and late-fees. Non-compliance issues include, failure to keep the premises clean and sanitary, keeping unauthorized pets etc.

 Tenant : Clarissa De Paula   Lease Co-signer: Daniela Galvao

The tenant Clarissa Lacerda De Paula was on several occasions advised, to read and comply with the lease regarding rent payment, due-dates, late-fees, unauthorized pets, and maintaining a clean and sanitary apartment and premises. Written notice was also given, including a friendly reminder notice a 7 day notice to cure or quit, twice a 3 day notice to pay or quit, and finally, when no payment was received in June, ignoring a 3 day notice to pay or quit, a unconditional quit notice was served . When outstanding rent and late-fees exceeded the security deposit, the Lease was terminated for nonpayment of rent. The lease co-signer Daniela Galvao was made aware of the situation.
Rent payment was repideately received late and not in full, late-fees were withheld and Clarissa did not pay any rent for June. Clarissa moved out June on 29th without returning the keys and she did not call for a move-out inspection as long as she was in possession of the premises. Clarissa canceled electric service on June 23rd one week before actually moving out . The apartment was returned damaged, dirty and unsanitary. The smoke detectors had been disconnected by the tenant and incense was burned to cover other offensive odors. At the move out-inspection, after several days without air-conditioning the apartment smelled the way it looked.

MOVE-OUT CONDITION: Below are some of the photos with proof of date, taken July 1st the first day the apartment could be accessed by the landlord without the tenants belongings for a move-out inspection. It took several days of work to get the apartment to move-in condition for the new tenant.
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The detailed MOVE-IN CONDITION CHECK LIST states that the premises were being delivered to Clarissa in clean, sanitary, and good operating condition, with no spots, stains, marks or damages. Signed, acknowledged and agreed by Clarissa De Paula at move in. Photos of the cottage taken before Clarissa moved in are posted on this website here: 1/1 Cottage Photos

The tenant Clarissa Lacerda De Paula occupied the 1/1 Cottage from May-25th 2009 till June 29th 2010.

This is not a collection effort. This site only serves to document the move-out condition.

Update: Account closed outstanding debt collected from cosigner Daniela Galvao!

"Aqui se faz, aqui se paga"