Dear Applicant:

Thank you for considering 1934 Jefferson Street Hollywood Fl 33020 in your search for a home to rent.                                                                                        This unit will be rented to the first qualified applicant. A separate rental application must be accurately completed  by each person 18 years old or older who will reside on the property. Each application will need to be accompanied by a non-refundable 50.00$ application fee ( credit, criminal background check and verification) The application screening process will take approximately 1 to 3 business days. After acceptance, the rental forms can be completed; rent/deposit/fees paid and keys delivered for immediate occupancy if the home is available for occupancy.

A unit cannot be held for more than fourteen (14) days, unless it is currently occupied or the owner has approved. After notification of acceptance, applicant(s) has two (2) business days to sign the rental agreement and pay the rent plus security deposit and any applicable fees. If holding a property for up to fourteen (14) days, applicant(s) has two (2) business days to provide a holding fee equal to the required damage/cleaning/security deposit. This holding fee is refundable if the property cannot be delivered to applicant for rent. If applicant decides not to rent the property for any reason, the holding fee is NOT refundable. Upon signing a rental agreement, the holding fee becomes part of the security deposit.  

 *2/2 Main House Rent $1500 is based on 2 person occupancy (water /sewer is paid by the Landlord and will increase with additional occupants) rent increases by 100$ per occupant. 

*1/1 Cottage Rent is $850 a $50.00 rebate is given for early payment per month, (if rent is received before the 1st.) yearly lease term. rent is based on 1 person occupancy . (water /sewer is paid by the Landlord and will increase with additional occupants).

Maximum occupancy:  House and Cottage two heartbeats per Bedroom.  The Department of Housing and Urban Development HUD has determined that: 
" two persons in a bedroom, as a general rule, is reasonable under the Fair Housing Act"

No smoking in the House and Cottage!

 Any willful misinformation constitutes basis for rejection of the application. Or if discovered later grounds for termination of the lease by the Landlord.          Each application will need to be accompanied by a non-refundable 50.00$ application fee ( credit, criminal background check and verification )   
Screening your application includes calling your employer, former landlord and financial institutions. By signing the application for tenancy, you have authorized these agencies to release information for us to evaluate your application. We currently use AMERUSA  Ph:727.467.0908 Fx: 727.467.0918. as our screening agency. If we deny tenancy based on information provided by that agency, you have the right to contact AMERUSA.COM directly to determine and dispute the accuracy of the information provided. We are not required to release or disclose information provided by such agency except as required under 15 U.S.C.sec.1681 at seq. 


Qualifying as a tenant is based on the following criteria:
1. Positive Identification. Applicant is required to provide picture ID, such as a driver’s license or military ID.
2. Monthly income, per unit, must be a minimum of (3) times the amount of rent and been maintained minimum of six (6) months.*
3. Income must be verifiable through LES (Leave and Earning Statements), pay stubs, employer contact or
tax records. Military personnel recently assigned to the area are required to provide a copy of their military orders.
4. Positive employment history verifiable at least two years.*
5. At least 3 positive references not including family or relatives.
6. Positive credit report. Score 650 or better.*
7. Positive rental or home ownership history and no late payments or lease violations or prior evictions.
8. Criminal history may be cause for denial of tenancy.


If applicant cannot meet all the rental’s standards adverse actions may/will be required. A qualified co-signer or double deposit may be required. The Property Manager will determine which option will be required to complete application/screening process and to move application for final approval. In some cases the Property Manager has the right to require both a co-signer and a double deposit.
The co-signer is required to be a legal resident in the same county as the rental property and provide a completed application with fee.                                   
In the case of a roommate/co-tenant situation, each application may require a separate co-signer.                                                                                                  Co-signers not residing in same county must be approved on a case-by-case basis by owner of property.
If applicant has not secured employment at the time of application and meets all other qualification standards, the equivalent of six (6) months of rent will be required. Rental proceeds reflecting six (6) months will be placed in a trust account and can be used once applicant provides proof of employment that has been maintained for a minimum of six (6) months.
Application will be denied by Landlord / Property Management if information supplied does not meet Rental Qualification Standards and Adverse Action Options cannot be applied.

Criteria for adverse action to be taken:
1. Lack of credit.
2. Poor credit explained. I.e. divorce, medical related, discharged bankruptcy.
3. Limited rental history.
4. Lack of time on current employment.
5. Income requirements.

For office use/copy to be provided to tenant if adverse action is taken:
FCRA Section 615(a)
1. Consumer Report Provided AMERUSA.COM
2. AMERUSA.COM Information provided a report to Landlord/Property Management only. Landlord/Property Management used information provided for application process and is solely responsible for tenancy decision.
3. Applicant has the right to dispute accuracy or completeness of any information provided, and has the right to a free credit report from reporting agencies upon request within sixty (60) days.

Application Approved Date: __________________ by: _______________________ (Property Manager)

Application Denied Date: ____________________ by: ________________________________________
*Copy of Application Standards/Guidelines Provided to Applicant

Application Approved. Co-Signer Required Date: __________________By:_______________________
*Copy of Application Standards/Guidelines Provided to Applicant

Application Approved. Double Deposit Required Date: _____________________By:______________________
* Copy of Application Standards/Guidelines Provided to Applicant

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