Move in- Move out Tips 

Move in:

Before your move call your utility, telephone, cable and Internet providers about transferring service to your new address . Remember to tell them your move-in date at the new location. Go to the post office and fill out a change of address card.

Get a copy of the apartment inspection report for your records.
The Move-In Inspection Report will allow you to check out if the apartment or house was received in good condition. Itemize in this Move-In Inspection Report damages if any to your apartment or house existing at the time of your inspection.

Make sure you keep important records and phone numbers in a safe place.

As soon as possible, call the City and local convention and visitors' bureau, in your new hometown. Most have their own Web sites, so you may also contact them online. Order yourself a free visitors' guide that provides maps, local demographics, phone numbers of the local police department and fire station.

Visit  the City of Hollywood website   familiarize yourself with garbage and recycling rules and shedule. You maybe able to take advantage of free services like Wireless Hollywood is the City of Hollywood’s free outdoor wireless Internet Service. It is open to all City of Hollywood residents, businesses, and visitors free of charge.

Move out:

Don't forget to give the required written notice as stated in your rental agreement.

When you move from a rental unit – no matter the duration – be sure to settle all accounts. Terminate services phone/cable the day you leave have a lease-end reading by the utility company done the day the lease ends. Notify the Landord, post office and others of your address change and make other arrangements to minimize inconvenience to the landlord or the new tenants.

One of the most important responsibilities as a tenant is to leave the premises in a clean condition for the next occupant.
Refer to the move-in inspection report, the place needs to be in the same good condition as when you moved in.

What is considered normal wear when moving out?

There are no precise legal standards for 'normal wear and tear' and consequently a lot of disputes arise over this issue.
Generally, dirt of any kind is not normal wear and tear, whether easily removed or not. Normal wear and tear refers to the gradual aging or using up of the useful life of a building and its components when properly used and cared for, and not accident damage or accumulation of dirt, which could be removed or avoided through regular cleaning and appropriate care by the tenant.

If you kept pets: it is strongly recommended that the place be flea bombed at lease end. If pests or insects are encountered after move-out professional treatment may be charged.

Cleaning Tips for Move-Out
These tips are intended to help you clean your apartment safely effectively.                                                                                                                                                    Observe special precautions in cleaning Terrazo floor, care instructions are given at move in. This might be a helpful website
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       BEDROOMS & LIVING AREAS
clean all interior and exterior windows and sills thoroughly. Do not remove the windows because they are expensive to replace. Be sure to vacuum or sweep out the space between the windows.

Dust your miniblinds with a Swiffer duster or similar product.

Do not fill nail holes. Improperly filled nail holes may cost you more than if you leave them alone.

If you live on an all tile floor, you are responsible for making sure it is as clean as possible, If you have not cleaned it regularly since you moved in, you will probably have to scrub.

If your oven is self-cleaning, you can use that feature to save yourself some work. Keep in mind that it will heat up your apartment and depending on how dirty it is, may produce a strong odor of burned food. DO NOT attempt to clean your burner pans with the self-clean; it will ruin them. Use a degreaser or oven cleaner to clean the broiler pan, and burner pans. If you don’t have a self-cleaning oven, you will have to use an oven degreaser to clean the oven interior and racks. Observe special precautions in cleaning a glass top stove!

Defrost the refrigerator and thoroughly clean the interior, exterior, drawers, racks, door, and gasket with a disinfectant cleaner. Place towels in the bottom of the refrigerator and on the floor directly below and in front of the refrigerator and LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN. Do not attempt to break ice from the freezer; plan ahead to let it melt gradually. Don't leave it defrosting unattended for long periods of time or you may allow water to leak onto the floor.  After cleaning, and drying the refrigerator, turn it back on and close the door.

Wash all cabinet surfaces inside and out with a disinfectant. Use a mild degreaser, if needed. Sweep and wash the floor with a disinfectant cleaner. Don’t forget to clean under the refrigerator and oven. Be careful not to damage the floor moving appliances. Most refrigerators have wheels and can be easily pulled out. For oven, simply remove the drawer on the bottom and you will have access to the floor. Observe special precautions in cleaning a Granite counter top, care instructions are given at move in. This might be a helpfull site for stonecare

Clean the tub and tiles with a soap scum remover. If you have not cleaned it regularly since you moved in, you will probably have to scrub. Be sure to run the exhaust fan or open the window to help keep the chemical odors from becoming too strong.

Soak toilet interior with toilet bowl cleaner. The base of the toilet should be cleaned with a disinfectant cleaner. Please make sure that the cleaner is fiberglass safe (i.e.for toilet lid).

Thoroughly wipe the surfaces with a disinfectant cleaner.

General Cleaning
Wipe off all of the base boards, door frames, vents, outlet covers, switch plates, and walls with a damp cloth.

Carefully remove and clean all light fixtures, fans and vents including the ones in the bathroom. Make sure that all light bulbs are present, matching and working. The cost of replacing the light bulbs will come from your security deposit.

If you live on an all tile floor, you are responsible for making sure it is as clean as possible, If you have not cleaned it regularly since you moved in, you will probably have to scrub.

Wash all closet and cabinet surfaces inside and out with a disinfectant. Use a mild degreaser, if needed.

If you have smoked or cooked strong smelling foods in your apartment or burned candles/incense you will need to wash all walls and other surfaces, including the walls. Cleaners that contain ammonia (Windex) works well for this. If your apartment smells like cigarette/cigar etc. smoke after you have moved out we may need to paint the house/apartment. The cost for this will come out of your security deposit, so we recommend you do what you can not to mask but to get rid of the smell.

CAUTION: Please be careful when cleaning your place. Make sure you read all of the directions and warnings on all of the cleaning products and do not mix products. Mixing products can be fatal to people and pets and harmful to the facilities. Make sure your apartment is well ventilated while cleaning.

Recommended Traditional Cleaning Supplies

Greased Lightning or similar oven cleaner.

Windex / Glassrop Coocking surface cleaner / Granite-counter top cleaner / Tile Floor-Wall cleaner.

Clorox Toilet Bowl cleaner

Clorox Cleanup (Fiberglass Safe)

Swiffer Dusters

Paper Towels

Scotch-Brite or similar Sponges
Tile Wall & Floor Cleaning Brush

Recommended GREEN Cleaning Supplies
Micro fiber Cleaning Cloths

Most "Green" cleaning products from Clorox, Simple Green and 7th Generation are fine. Make sure to follow all instructions on the label.

NOTE: Most products labeled environmentally friendly will work for glass and surface cleaning, but do not disinfect.


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